Friday, March 13, 2009

DIY: How to Get into the History Books

I believe that everyone wants to be remembered for something. This is true from the guy who tried to break the world record by stuffing the most straws in his nose to the pot-smoking hippie who won the most gold medals at the Olympics. However, if for some reason, you're average at everything or just too damn lazy to do anything remarkable - then I have a solution for you..

"This kid is going places." - Ma

The key is to just suck at something - but you can't just suck an average amount, no, the secret is to do so poorly that you'll get in the history book as "the other person"...

Here are some examples:
  1. Be the French guy Vince Carter dunked over
  2. Be the guy who got bluffed out of 10 million dollars on the World Series of Poker final table (if you know poker, I'm talking about Sam Farha),
  3. Be the guy who got beaten by an eight year old in the Guitar Hero Championships.
Either way, you're sure to make a name for yourself. I can almost guarantee it.