Saturday, March 21, 2009

Fat Family can Sure Use a Recession...

Editor's Note: Thanks Chris!

I wish I was too fat to comment on this article, but I'm not, so here goes..

Mr Chawner said: "What we get barely covers the bills and puts food on the table. It's not our fault we can't work. We deserve more."..

"All that healthy food, like fruit and veg, is too expensive. We're fat because it's in our genes. Our whole family is overweight," she added.

(Read: Family who are 'too fat to work' say £22,000 worth of benefits is not enough...)

Here's a summary of what each family member is receiving:

  1. Mr and Mrs Chawner receive £177 per week in income support and incapacity benefit.
  2. Mrs Chawner is paid an extra £330-a-month disability allowance for epilepsy and asthma, both a result of being overweight.
  3. Mr Chawner gets £71 a month after developing Type 2 diabetes because of his size.
  4. Daughter Samantha receives £84 in Jobseekers' Allowance each fortnight while
  5. Emma, who is training to be a hairdresser, gets £58 every two weeks under a hardship fund for low-income students.

The clincher is, in my opinion, "We barely cover the bills and put food on the table"? are you (double expletive) kidding me?! It looks like you should stop putting food on the table. They should get taxed for consuming too much food.

"We used to work for the government." - Family of 8