Saturday, April 4, 2009

Bye Bye Depression..

Scientists have discovered a way to help you forget traumatic experiences..
"To help people with these kinds of post-traumatic stress disorders ..... you might just want to minimize the emotional association between the memory and the highly disruptive and negative emotions that people have in this context."

He says the research may well conjure "Orwellian" notions of mind manipulation and thought control.

"But that's not really the goal of this. The idea would be (to use it) in a therapeutic way," Salter says, referring in particular to post-traumatic stress prevention.) (Article: Erasing traumatic memory possible, researchers say)

See, this is why I worry about scientists and their "advancements". Look, it's not the goal that people worry about, it's the effects of your crazy (expletive) experiments. In this case, the "Orwellian" notion of mind manipulation and thought control (which by the way, means the same thing) is the consequence that worries people. See, you gotta come out of your labs sometimes and just check out the world. It's a different place now, there is a black President.

Editor's Note: This goes for you meteorologists too. Don't say it's going to be sunny when everyone is holding an umbrella.