Friday, April 17, 2009

Try out the new Google Pervert

I didn't know Google was into the peeping-tom business until I read this:

Google camera trolling streets of Canadian Cities

"Strange-looking vans and cars are prowling the streets of 11 major Canadian cities and taking pictures of homes, lane ways, yards and people as part of the controversial "Street View" feature offered by Google Inc.

The feature allows someone using Google Maps or Google Earth to click on a street or a building and see a picture of the area. The service's ability to allow onlookers to swivel 360 degrees even gives Internet voyeurs the ability to take a virtual stroll of neighbourhoods."
A person being interviewed on the radio even said that this feature is not necessary but interesting because it allows you to see your own street, which he claimed is "pretty cool".

Here's what you should do if you want to see your own street live in 3D, HD, and whatever other (expletive) D you can think of..
  1. Go to front door
  2. Open door
  3. Walk outside
  4. Explore using the two cameras between both your nose and adjust your head for a better viewing angle.