Friday, January 30, 2009

Country Style Win (crap) Everytime Promotion

I was going for an afternoon coffee break and decided to go to the Country Style just across the street. I ordered the usual medium with two milk when a chick cut in front of me and asked the cashier, "what's this promotion you're doing?" The cashier responded, "it's our Tim Horton's roll-up-the-rim..well I shouldn't say that.." Another girl working at the sandwich bar jumped in, "It's our turn up a winner event. Every cup's a winner!" I was excited at prospect of winning every time, but I also knew that the prizes could not be very good. Well I was wrong..

If you can't read it, that says "Free Brookside Almond Sample"

the prizes were downright crap. After downing my coffee, I "rolled up the rim" and found a FREE almond sample! Look, you can't have a prize with the words "free" and "sample"! I told a co-worker about it and she told me that she won the same thing. So I asked her what the prize looked like, and she replied "It's a sample. It only had four nuts and I couldn't even taste it, though I'm sure it was very good."

Other prizes include:
1 of 200 Prizes from Hamilton Beach
1 of 5 $1000 Gift Cards & discounts from Mark's Work Wearhouse
1 of 50 luggage sets from Samboro
1 of 25 Ultra Chef Grills from Napoleon Fireplaces & Girlls

The only thing worth mentioning is the 1 of 10 trips for four to Orlando. (It's probably Orlando, Ontario.)

Click here for more details on the contest.

Editor's Note: There is no Orlando, Ontario.