Monday, January 19, 2009

Ted Rogers Rips Us Off From the Grave

Article of interest: Rogers hiking basic cable rates 5.2%

Ted Rogers continues to rip us off from the grave as he raises basic cable fees by 5.2%.

"Despite the weakening economy, all of Rogers’ 2.3 million basic cable customers will see the price of their basic Cable rise from $28.49 a month to $29.999 per month, an increase of 5.2%.

I mean it's basic cable; the reason why people have basic is because they can't afford (or prefers to save) the cash. It's no wonder why people download TV illegally. If there was more competition in Canada, then they wouldn't be so damn arrogant. I personally don't see the point in saving Canadian companies just because they're "Canadian". After all, money is more of a universal language than English. If you can't keep up, then beat it. It's not like Ted Rogers would rush to the aid of Canadian culture since he was the one who renamed the Skydome, "Rogers Centre" (At least he spelled it Canadian/British).