Monday, January 12, 2009

The Starbucks Taste Test Challenge

Do you know why I started drinking Starbucks?

Just Kidding.

I'll admit, Starbucks is turning into some sort of culture or brand. It represents a certain economic class or social status. (disregard the above picture of course, the drink = classy, the gut = not) There is also no doubt that Starbucks costs a lot more. What I disagree with is the argument that Tim Hortons' coffee tastes better.

Sure Tim Hortons is Canadian and there is no doubt that it's a "household name". Some might say that it put Asian hockey on the map...

But I challenge you to a quick taste test. Do the following:

1. Go to Tim Hortons, order a medium regular (one milk, one sugar). Absolutely NO double-doubles! this is not a test to see who can mask their coffee the best.

2. Go to Starbucks, order a tall coffee, also regular. (Trust me, a small at Starbucks is at least a medium in Tim's)

3. Take a sip of the Tim's (then spit it out). Then take a sip of the Starbucks coffee (and just savour the goodness).