Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Flaherty Needs Credit Counselling

A girl goes to the bank to borrow money and said she absolutely needs it because her family is going through a rough time. Her dad was recently laid off by the car company that employed him for the past twenty years. She claimed that she only needs the money for a couple of years because she will get a higher paying job after upgrading her degree.

The bank approved her because she had pretty good credit in the past and seemed to be able to manage money. She thanked the loan officer, left the bank, and went shopping for a new pair of shoes.

Photo by: Blair Gable / Reuters

Article of Interest: "Ottawa needs to stimulate economy: Flaherty"
"Flaherty spent $141.09 -- with tax -- to buy a pair of black work shoes, a sign perhaps that his budget will help put Canadians to work."
All I have to say is, those shoes better not be in the budget.