Friday, January 23, 2009

Men can have babies too!

Well, not exactly. But men can have kidney stones and if left undetected, you can turn out to be pregnant!

"It's not kidney stone, doc tells N.L. woman moments before she gives birth"

"The eastern Newfoundland woman says she didn't realize she was pregnant until she was rushed to Carbonear General Hospital that night and an X-ray didn't turn up any kidney stones."
How do you not know that you're pregnant for nine months? What happened to all that crap about the connection between a mother and her child? To be fair, the article said that she did not experience any of the usual symptoms such as morning sickness. Well, lucky you.

Bottom Line:
  1. If it feels like you have the stones, get it checked might be pregnant. (of course that goes for men and women)
  2. The miracle of birth is like having kidney stones.
  3. Finally, the pain of labor, also like passing kidney stones.